Andrzej - Welding Specialist - Irata VT1, 2

Specialist: Sky03

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15.04.2019-2020..: Szczecin, Poland. Position: Welding Specialist -welder
  • conducting welding tests met.121,123,135,136,138
  • supervising work of the welder
  • training of the new welding employees,
  • staff supervision
07.09.2012-28.02.2019: Poland. Position: Welding Specialist and Technologist of Welding Process
  • improving welding processes in methods: 121/123/125/126 SAW (Submerged Arc Welding and MIG, MAG 131,135,136,138
  • conducting tests and at the client’s premises
  • supervising work of the welding laboratory, ordering welding consumables
  • quality control of the welding products (welding flux) during production.
  • technical support of the clients, enhancing production processes, developing welding technologies and creating new welding technologies: creating WPS ,pWPS
  • training of the new welding employees,
  • monitoring the implementation of the welding technology at the client’s premises
  • welding of connections on I,V,1/2V,Y,X,U,U-V,K. Materials from 4mm to 160mm. S235/S355/S460/S690QL……S304 ,S309,S310
19.08.2011 - 06.08.2012: Bremen, German. Position: welding and assembly specialist
  • assembly and prefabrication of the wind tower parts, their welding with the machines on 1/2/3/4/5 wires at the same time in methods: 121-123 and 111,131,135-136-138.
  • training of the new welders in assembly and welding of the wind towers; staff supervision.
  • welding of sheet-metal plates from 8mm to 120mm., welding of flanges, outside and inside joints, correcting mistakes, visual examination.
1.8.2012 - 1.8.2012: Poland, Denmark & Belgium. Position: welder
  • welding, assembly and refurbishing of dredgers, container ships, vessels and drilling platforms
1.12.08 - 31.7.2010: Poland, Holland. Position: Welder
  • methods: 121-135-136-111-141, welding of ships, barges, dredgers. Also welding of side plating, bulkheads, brackets, pipes,
  • welding of railway bridges in method 121 (tractor Klejberg and ESAB A2/A6)-136-135
1.2008 - 31.7.2008: Position: welder
  • Welding in methods 131-135-136 of ships (cruise ferries, yachts)

11.4.2007 - 1.2008: Welding of ships and ferries

27.2.2004: Position: welder 135-136 and fitter of the hulls

06.2000 - 26.02.03: Position: fitter of the hulls
  • assembly of ships, grinding, welding in methods 111/121/135/136


Welder Specialist TUV – PN-EN ISO 14731 equivalent of EWS (European Master of Welding) EXC2 wg EN 1090rn

Course Visual Examination “VT1-VT2” level according to PN-EN ISO9712 certificate: “IS” Institute of Welding in Gliwice

Very good knowledge of welding methods: 121-123 SAW (PA,PB,PC) on 1-23-4-5 wires individually or together

Welding certificates
  • EN 287-1 121 P BW 1.2 St15 Pa bs SAW PRS
  • EN 1418 121 P BW 1.2 S t 15 PA bs SAW TUV
  • EN287-1 135 P BW 1.2 Rt13 PF ssmb TUV
  • EN287-1 136 BW1.2 Rt13 PF ssmb PRS
  • EN287-1 135/136/138 T BW 5 S/P t12(3/9) D70 H-L045ss nb
  • EN287-1 141 P FW 8 S t10 PDml TUV

Sailor Patent

Course: “Hot Work” (in Norwegian)2020-2025

Welding of aluminum and stainless steel 141-131rn

Welding in various combinations: single wire/tandem wire /single +twin/ twin+twin, welding in various polarity: DC+/- , AC ,DC+AC,AC+AC different diameters of wires from 1 do 5mm

Welding with stainless strips to hard facing with the flux and electroslug (width 30mm/60mm/90mm/120mm+, electromagnetic control)

Certificate “E/1” - licensed to operate equipment, installation and network of 1 kV

Basic Course of Spot Welding 111 (+welding book)

Course: Oxy-acetylene fusion torch usage: chamfering, cutting, starting.rn

Fork Lift License UDTrn

Health and Safety Trainingrn

Operating permission: UDT Stationary Cranes license

Operating permission: UDT Winches and Hoists license

driving Licens category A,B

English Courses – B1


  • German
  • English

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